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The Olive Table extra virgin olive oils are premium oils produced by our family in the southwestern part of Greece known as Messenia.  The Olive Table’s mission to bring fresh, high quality Greek oil to the U.S marketplace at a reasonable cost to the consumer and to build a reputation based on quality products and a superior level of customer service.

And so far our mission is being accomplished…within a year of launching our first product, both our Private Reserve and Organic Early Harvest oils were endorsed by the Savantes New York 2013 tasting program.  Established in 2001, International Savantes presents training courses and events, and promotes excellence in extra virgin olive oil. The first Savantes program was presented in Melbourne, Australia in 2001 and courses have since been presented in New York, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom by a range of international olive oil and culinary experts.

As endorsed by the Savantes program, The Olive Table Extra Virgin Olive Oils tasting profiles are described below.

The Olive Table Private Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a fresh green aromatic oil that has a delicate to medium intensity.  The aroma is one of dried herbs along with apple, tomato and dried mint.  On the palate, the taste is one of dried herbs along with a slight chicory bitterness and mild radish heat with a nutty finish.  It is balanced and harmonious and has a subtlety which is very attractive on the palate.

The Olive Table Organic Early Harvest Single Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a balanced, complex and harmonious extra virgin olive oil that exhibits differentiation from other Greek oils of this style.  The aroma is that of dried herbs with a hint of fresh green herbs and honey.  On the palate, the fruitiness contains a dried herbal taste with radicchio bitterness and mild radish pepperiness with a nutty finish. The style is also delicate bordering on medium.

And this is what food critics, retailers and consumers have to say about our olive oil:

 “…very fresh and both oils have really wonderful texture – buttery, melting, thick but light.”

“As a lifelong consumer of specialty oils, particularly varieties of olives from everywhere, it [The Olive Table Private Reserve] truly is outstanding in cooking, as a marinade base and in dressings with vinegar and citrus juices!   I was startled by its lilting, prickly bitterness on the tongue which quickly gives way to a subtle, lingering, slightly sweet and gently-peppered aftertaste revealing a richness that is rarely found– even in the most prized artisan oils. It has become my favorite heated with smashed garlic and coriander seed for dipping.  The beautiful color enhances what is a unique flavor and makes a fine presentation on any table.”  – Portia Arthur, Owner, The Fortunate Cookie

 I sampled your oil at the Woodstock Farmer’s Market this morning, and immediately came home with my baguette and the oil and made myself the simplest of snacks. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy this oil… it’s so fresh and lively, and I know I will use it on everything.”  – Heather Steliga, Woodstock Farmers Market customer

 “…smooth, mild but with a “pepper” finish.  Clean. When I took a sip, the first impression was of a very smooth, buttery and mild flavor and then I got a little bite at the end.  In fact it was quite peppery…we use a lot of olive oil in cooking and just drizzling over food, etc. and I would enthusiastically recommend your oil to anyone looking for a superior olive oil, and again I’m Italian and of course biased towards the Italian olives!”  – Gina Auriema, Woodstock, Vermont

 “I have discovered your wonderful oil. I used to order cases several times a year from a company in California. But now I am a convert to Greece, so to speak.” – Alix Klingenstein, Pomfret, Vermont

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